What is MGTOW?

What Are The Different Levels of MGTOW

The Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) movement has developed its own internal taxonomy to describe the different “levels” of adherence to its philosophy. These levels are not universally accepted by all MGTOW members, but they serve as a general guideline for many in the community. Here are the commonly cited levels:

Level 0 – Situational Awareness: At this stage, a man is aware of the potential risks of relationships with women and may be aware of societal biases against men, but he does not fully adjust his behaviour according to MGTOW philosophies.

Level 1 – Rejection of Long-Term Relationships: Men at this level avoid marriage and long-term partnerships but might still engage in short-term relationships or non-committal forms of dating.

Level 2 – Rejection of Short-Term Relationships: These men will avoid marriage and steer clear of dating, hook-ups, and any other form of short-term relationship. They might still engage in friendships with women, but they avoid any romantic entanglements.

Level 3 – Economic Disengagement: A man at this level seeks to limit his engagement with the societal and economic systems that he believes are biased against men. This could involve opting for a minimalist lifestyle, reducing tax footprints, and striving for financial independence to reduce economic burdens.

Level 4 – Societal Disengagement: This is the most extreme level. Men at this stage aim to minimize their involvement with society. This could involve living off-grid, avoiding all relationships with women, and reducing interactions with broader societal systems to the bare minimum.

Again, it’s important to emphasize that not all men who identify with MGTOW will categorize themselves into these levels, and many might not even be aware of or agree with such a stratification. The levels serve as a general framework for understanding the range of behaviours and attitudes present within the community.

How do MGTOW men differ from misogynists?

Both MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) and misogyny involve certain attitudes or beliefs related to women, but they are distinct concepts with different focuses. Here’s a comparison:

1. Foundational Principles:

  • MGTOW: The MGTOW philosophy is primarily centred around the idea that men should prioritize their own autonomy and freedom, especially by avoiding long-term romantic relationships and marriage. The core argument is often related to perceived societal, cultural, or legal biases against men.
  • Misogyny: Misogyny is a deep-seated prejudice against, hatred of, or contempt for women. Misogynistic beliefs and actions view women as inferior or devalue their contributions, rights, and personhood.

2. Scope:

  • MGTOW: This is a specific ideology with defined (though broad and diverse) beliefs about men’s roles in society, relationships, and interactions with women. While some MGTOW members may hold misogynistic views, not all do.
  • Misogyny: Misogyny is a broader concept that can manifest in numerous ways, across various cultures and ideologies, unrelated to MGTOW.

3. Goals and Outcomes:

  • MGTOW: Men who identify with this movement often aim for personal autonomy, reduced legal and financial risks, and freedom from societal expectations of traditional male roles. Their focus is more on what they believe benefits them rather than an inherent disdain for women.
  • Misogyny: The primary outcome is the perpetuation of stereotypes, discrimination, and potentially harmful actions toward women.

4. Manifestation:

  • MGTOW: Men in this movement might choose not to marry, date, or engage with women in specific capacities. They may also discuss their beliefs in online communities and adopt certain lifestyle changes based on their ideology.
  • Misogyny: It can manifest in various ways—verbal abuse, discrimination, physical violence, demeaning behaviour, and institutional biases against women, to name a few.

5. Origins:

  • MGTOW: Many men turn to this movement due to personal experiences with relationships, perceived societal injustices, or dissatisfaction with societal expectations. It’s a reactive stance to modern societal constructs.
  • Misogyny: It is a longstanding prejudice with roots in historical, cultural, and societal structures that have traditionally placed women in subordinate roles.

It’s important to note that while there are individuals within the MGTOW movement who may express misogynistic views or sentiments, not all MGTOW members are misogynists. Likewise, not all misogynists are members or supporters of MGTOW. As with any ideology or movement, there is a spectrum of beliefs and attitudes, and overgeneralizing or conflating the two terms oversimplifies the complexity of the discussions surrounding them.

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